Justin Miller and
The Elements of Sound

Hailing from Southern Indiana, Elements of Sound draws inspiration from rock, folk, pop, Blues and hip hop. Since 2017 EOS has been cutting their teeth at Grassroots festivals, events and weekly bar shows. You can catch them just about every weekend in the Louisville and southern indiana area You can follow EOS on multiple platforms Facebook:Justin miller and the elements of sound Instagram: Elementsofsoundmusic YouTube: Elementsofsoundmusic Spotify: Elementsofsound

Joe Grudge



Paying tribute the greatest country music artist to ever walk this planet. EPKA will be playing some of the very best hits from Wheeler himself.


Fuzzstration is summed up as “modern classic rock” with influences of rock, alternative and metal. Formed in Harrison County, Indiana in 2018, the band consists of Eric Rhodes, Matt Seelye & Ryan Smith

Hooter and the Doobers

Hooter and the Doobers are a collective of multi-instrumentalists whose aim is to reach the outer limits

AnT (Abe n’ Todd)

I’m the eldest musician playin’ Fuzzy Pig. I’ve opened Sat. the last 2 years & we’re just carryin’ on with the tradition. Abe Roque will join me onstage this time to perform the set as a duo called AnT (Abe n’ Todd). It should be a great party if the last 2 years were any indicators of fun we’ll have this year.

Kyle Tipton

Eastern Kentucky born, current resident of Louisville, Kentucky singing and playing the six string.

Arianna and the Bourbon Britches

Arianna Barton is a singer-songwriter based out of Southern Indiana playing a mix of originals and covers. She is backed by a female duo called The Bourbon Britches featuring prominent backing musicians Kelsey Lee on drums and Anna Blanton on fiddle. Barton has recorded on two full length albums ‘Tales Untold’ and ‘Dancing With the Lightning’. Performance highlights include opening for Aaron Bibelhauser at the Kentuckiana Music Center Acoustic Music Series, Bill Monroe Americana Bean Festival, Ferdinand Folk Festival, Friday After 5 in Owensboro, Speleofest, Harrodsburg Festival, Fuzzy Pig Festival, Sugarbush Festival, Cave Capers, Burnt Knob Music Festival, First City Music Festival, and opened for Clayton Anderson and The Swon Brothers from The Voice.

Villa Mure

Indie Rock-Alt-Psych-Southern-Prog // New Albany, IN


A bizarre collection of wook and woll songs sure to bring a good time

Tyler Hood

Tyler Hood writes with sharp wit and bold sincerity. From heroic ballads of rural living to refreshing tales of deliciously mundane everyday life, he writes and sings the stories of the region that raised him.

Brady Evan & The Blue Collar Rebellion

Just a few outlaws Bringing original honkytonk music to the Fuzzy pig

The Skinny

Experience The Skinny!
We’re a groovy cover band in Southern Indiana with an eclectic sound!

Kinni Moon & Ground Control

Psych•Jam•Prog Louisville, KY

Mr. Please

Mr. Please is a groovy rock band from Louisville, KY with a knack for catchy hooks and danceable tracks. Rock, blues, funk, and a sprinkle of jazz make the “Please” sound. The sextet focuses on using their original tracks as vessels for long improvisation and juicy jams.

Blind Feline

Kentucky psychadaleyea

Doom Gong

With an untrammeled, overdriven, and warbly sound that can only be described as “Denim psych”, the band DOOM GONG is the denim clad, super duper group from Louisville, KY. The group is an amalgam of fuzzed out guitars, trumpet solos, 60’s inspired keys, and a thumping rhythm section fit with double drummers. Sighting musical inspiration from the likes of Frank Zappa, Herbie Hancock, Miles Davis, Grateful Dead and Piero Umiliani, this band ties together musical complexity with an explosive live show full of musical easter eggs and stage theatrics.

Larry Meenach

“Where it all started”

Taylor Katherine

We’re Taylor Katherine and Dakota Blankenbaker, both from Frankfort, KY. We play singer/songwriter tunes with a folky feel. We’ve been playing together for a little less than a year, but we’re about to release my first single in January. Excited to be playing the fuzzy Pig for the first time! Link to my TikTok: @taylorkatherinewi

Tyler Hedges

With great reflection to craftsmanship and storytelling placed and presented to the world across generations. Tyler Hedges draws influence and inspiration from life. Wether fact or fiction Good or bad Comedic or tragic. He aims to present his art with grit and sincerity that speaks to the soul and uplifts their spirit.

Cody Williams

While he may not be your typical small town Indiana farm boy, Cody Williams is the definition of a small town midwest boy with a heart of gold. He’s never once met a stranger and is never shy about telling the truth. The lyrics he sings at live shows, whether his own or those of someone who already found the perfect way of saying it, speak for the everyday person; the person who has been through real struggle and angst. With influences, like Lighting Hopkins, R.L. Burnside, Hank Williams, Merle Haggard, Chris Stapleton, Jack White, J. Mascis, and Beck; Williams doesn’t just write or sing songs, he tells stories in an intimate way to tug at your heartstrings and makes you actually listen to the words, not just the music. Waiting until the ripe age of 30, he now plays acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and bass guitar along with lead vocals. Recently, he began building his own instruments as he defines his sound. Cody’s goal and inspiration in music is to use his platform to build the independent music scene and shine a light on all of the independent artist he calls friends.

Possum Junction

Possum Junction is an alternative folk/roots brand from Southern Indiana fronted and founded by singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Dev Hovis, keeping good company with Shep Wollems,( Bass, vocals) Pat Vanwinkle, ( Harmonica, Guitars, Vocals) Kody Baker ( Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals) Dev and the Boys have found their own sound in Trashcan Americana and own it proudly! 

Film Delay

A Louisville-based, indie rock band composed of five humans and one dog. Born from a basement, like many bands before us, we play music and watch movies. This is our first year at Fuzzy Pig Fest and we aim to please with some fun-loving vibes. Our new EP is available on all streaming services!